Richard Sheehan

テキサス大学オースチン校卒業、同大学ビジネススクール経営学修士。Texas Commerce Bank で審査部門のアナリストを務め、その後企業や会計事務所向けに研修プログラムを提供する事業を立ち上げる。NHK教育テレビの「英語ビジネスワールド」に出演。共著に『英語で学ぶMBAベーシックス』、『英語で学ぶMBAの授業』。現在、グローバル・トレーニング プログラムディレクター。





To help achieve those aims, students will have multiple opportunities to present their ideas in front of the class—either in the form of whiteboard or more formal PowerPoint presentations. For the latter, coaching sessions will be held outside of class to work on improving the message, delivery and visuals. In addition, key business concepts will be introduced through video learning sessions and then applied in class through business case studies.
Finally, students will have a chance to interact with people from other industries, which will help expand their perspectives.